Advanced Fractal Overlay

Indicator Advanced Fractal Overlay displays the chart as colored candles according to the price movement direction relative to the last upper or lower fractal.

There are no adjustable parameters.

Know about this indicator

The advanced fractal overlay is a new indicator that was created specifically for the MT5 chart. It allows you to see the market’s sentiment through its Fractals and makes trading more profitable by providing objective information about the market.

When you open the Advanced fractal overlay, it displays a grid of 12 different Fractals. The first one shows how prices are trending (positive, negative, or stable), while the other 11 show different aspects of price movement such as volume and intensity. You can use this information to make more informed decisions when trading stocks or commodities.

There are no variables that can be changed in this indicator in MT5 India.

The green candles will be shown if the most recent closure price is higher than the most recent upper fractal.

The red candles will be shown if the most recent closure price is lower than the most recent lower fractal.