3TF RSI Average

‘Three timeframes RSI Average’ displays in a separate window three Relative Strength Index indicator of the specified timeframes, as well as their average value.

Know about this indicator

3TF_RSI_Average is a technical analysis and free MT5 indicator that helps traders identify oversold and overbought conditions in the market. It works by analyzing the prices of three types of stocks – high, medium, and low volume. The indicator uses these data points to calculate an average trendline slope, which can then be used as a signal to buy or sell shares.

How do I use 3TF_RSI_Average?
There are several ways to use 3TF_RSI_Average in the MT5 chart. You can use it as part of your overall trading strategy, or you can simply use it to identify whether or not the market is headed for a bull (overbought) or bear (oversold) rally.

This indicator of MT5 India has ten input parameters:

  • RSI period used for the RSI calculation period
  • Overbought – overbought level
  • Oversold – oversold level
  • Drawing mode – indicator drawing type
    Steps – as a ladder
    Slope – sloping lines
  • The first RSI timeframe indicates the timeframe of the first RSI
  • The second RSI timeframe indicates the timeframe of the second RSI
  • The third RSI timeframe indicates the timeframe of the third RSI
  • The show first RSI used to show the first RSI indicator
  • Show the second RSI used to show the second RSI indicator
  • Show the third RSI used to show the third RSI indicator.