3TF Stochastic Average

Three timeframes Stochastic Average’ displays in a separate window three Stochastic Oscillators of the specified timeframes, as well as their average value.

Know about this indicator

Are you looking for a highly configurable stochastic free MT5 indicator that can be customized to your specific needs? Look no further than SC MTF Stochastic MT5 for your MT5 chart!

This indicator offers a variety of customization options, including alert levels, crosses, and direction changes.

In addition, it allows you to work on strategies in multi- timeframe mode (at weekends without ticks also). With its versatile features and easy-to-use interface, SC MTF Stochastic MT5 is perfect for any trader.

This indicator of MT5 India has twelve input parameters:

  • Stochastic %K period and Stochastic %D period
  • Stochastic Slowing
  • Overbought indicates the overbought level
  • Oversold indicates the oversold level
  • Drawing mode – indicator drawing type
    Steps – as a ladder
    Slope – sloping lines
  • The First Stochastic timeframe and Second Stochastic timeframe indicate the timeframe of the first Stochastic indicator and the timeframe of the second Stochastic indicator respectively.
  • Third Stochastic timeframe – the timeframe of the third Stochastic indicator
  • Show first Stochastic, Show second Stochastic, and Show third Stochastic.