Acceleration Deceleration AC MTF

This indicator is a multi-timeframe Bill Williams AO (Accelerator Oscillator) with adjustable parameters.

Know about this indicator

MT5 India users can use the Acceleration_Deceleration_AC indicator to identify opportunities and signals in the market.

When the indicator is green, it indicates that the market is experiencing an acceleration phase.

When it’s yellow, it indicates a deceleration phase.

When it’s red, it means that there is a potential for volatility.

The Acceleration_Deceleration_AC free MT5 indicator works best when used with other indicators such as Bollinger Bands or MACD.

It should not be used on its own, because this could lead to inaccurate trading decisions.

If you find that you’re making poor decisions based on this buy sell indicator MT5 alone, try using another one of your trading strategies alongside it to help improve your accuracy rates.

It has seven adjustable parameters:

  • AO Fast MA period indicates the Awesome Oscillator’s fast SMA calculation period
  • AO Slow MA period indicates the Awesome Oscillator’s slow SMA calculation period
  • AC MA period indicates the SMA period to calculate accelerating/slowing
  • AC timeframe is used to indicate the timeframe, from which the AC data will be displayed on the current chart
  • Drawing mode – drawing mode
    Steps – by steps
    Slope – by sloping lines.