Accumulated Volume Pressure (AVP)

Volume Pressure = Volume / Price Change

Usage :

Like all other volume based indicators. You can chose if you wish to use ticks or real volumes (where the real volume is available)

Know about this indicator

MetaTrader 5 is a powerful trading platform that allows traders to execute trades quickly and easily. One of the features that make the platform so versatile is its accumulation volume pressure indicator.

This free MT5 indicator provides traders with an understanding of the overall market pressure and can help them make better investment decisions.

Accumulated volume pressure (AVP) is an indicator used in the MT5 chart that signals potential risk in the market.

If you see AVP values increasing rapidly, it may be a sign that the market is heading for a price correction.

In the event of a price correction, you may want to sell your positions and move your capital to safer investments.
Volume Pressure = Volume / Price Change


This indicator is like all other volume-based Buy Sell indicator MT5. You can choose if you wish to use ticks or real volumes.