Adaptive ATR channel

This indicator is showing an example how an adaptive ATR (originally published here : Adaptive ATR) can be used within some other indicator. As an addition, not only the ATR is adaptive in this indicator but the main value is calculated as adaptive EMA using the same Kauffman’s efficiency ratio for adapting

Usage :

It can be used the similar way as similar indicators (Keltner channel and similar channel indicators …)

Know about this indicator

MetaTrader 5 is a powerful trading platform that allows traders to execute trades quickly and easily using the MT5 data feed. One of the features that make the platform so versatile is its accumulation volume pressure indicator. This free MT5 indicator provides traders with an understanding of the overall market pressure and can help them make better investment decisions.

The adaptive ATR channel indicator helps you to optimize your MetaTrader 5 trading. This indicator will calculate the Average True Range (ATR) for security over the past 20 periods, and it will use this data to make decisions about your trading.

This indication serves as an illustration of how an adapted ATR—(originally published here under the title Adaptive ATR)—can be applied to another indicator.

Additionally, this indicator’s main value is calculated as an adaptive EMA utilizing the same Kauffman’s efficiency ratio for adaptation as the ATR, further enhancing the indicator’s adaptable nature.

It might be utilized similarly to comparable indicators (Keltner channel and similar channel indicators).